Very Funny Read: Academic assessment gone mad (TES)

This article on is maybe one of the funniest things I read the past weeks at the same time its saddening as it relates to many things that I recognize as possible happening or happening.

Just check the different acronyms:

  • Journal of Knowledge Evaluation (Joke),
  • the Student and Teacher Assessment and Survey Institute (Stasi)
  • Workplace Agency for Success and Teaching Excellence (Waste)
  • Committees on the Recording and Assessment of Professors (Crap)
  • Survey To Understand Professors’ Interactional Dynamics (Stupid)
  • Meeting Evaluation and Satisfaction Survey (Mess)
  • Meeting Assessment Devices (Mad)
  • Public Assessment of Best Learning Utilisation Measures (Pablum)
  • Standing Committee to Review and Evaluate Wardrobe and Employee Dress (Screwed)

The result is phrases like this:

“Upon completion, Stupid will be forwarded to Crap for analysis and feedback and then passed on to Waste for administrative action and archiving.”

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