A defense of PISA by the OECD Secretary-General, but it could have been more

Since the influence of PISA has become bigger and bigger, also the criticism augmented. To read some of the examples, just check these earlier posts:

And there was even an open letter against PISA (which I don’t want to sign, btw). Now there is an answer to many of the critiques by Ángel Gurría, the Secretary-General of the OECD, home to the PISA-studies. He defends PISA by giving Germany, Brazil and Japan as important examples of how PISA has influenced national governments to change education. I’m a bit disappointed in the reaction as the only really answer to the many critiques doing the rounds is just one short paragraph:

“Of course, assessments do not cover every important skill or attitude. But there is convincing evidence that the knowledge and skills that the PISA system assesses are essential to students’ future success, and the OECD works continuously to broaden the range of cognitive and social skills that PISA measures.”

Read the whole letter here. (Actually, I think Andreas Schleicher did a better, more in depth job earlier on, but still: Comparing countries, another PISA-discussion)

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