Blog post 1000 on The Economy of Meaning: what we’ve learned so far?

This blog post 1000. A 4 digit figure, never expected, but glad to see there is also an audience for my ramblings on education, youngsters and research in something that is almost English. Some blog posts have been very popular, during the past year, I want to give an overview:

  1. This post seems to be something a lot of people refer to: So you want to compare educational systems from different countries? Where to start?
  2. A  post with also many daily visitors: Subliminal advertising, does it work?
  3. One of the earliest post ever on this blog, setting the tone for many posts to follow: Sometimes I just want to start throwing things: myths in education
  4. A bit of an unexpected post to pop up in my stats: New meta-study on single-sex schooling finds small to no benefit
  5. And this post delivers new discussions every few weeks: Never trust neat percentages? 70-20-10 rule

I want to add 3 posts who I think are quite important:

More to come, also in our forthcoming book.

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