Good read: L.A. school district demands iPad refund from Apple

An update in a ongoing story yesterday in the LA Times:

The Los Angeles Unified School District is seeking to recoup millions of dollars from technology giant Apple over a problem-plagued curriculum that was provided with iPads intended to be given to every student, teacher and administrator.

In essence:

  • The Pearson curriculum on L.A. Unified’s iPads never caught on and now district seeks refund
  • The L.A. Unified School District’s long-running, troubled saga with iPads continues

This is not per se telling us that tablets in education don’t work, but it is a warning to be aware of mass investments without evidence or without some critical thinking before buying. Don’t just make this story one of teachers who don’t want to adapt, if something doesn’t work (as it has been the case with some of the software in the project) than you can’t blame the teachers for not using it.

Read the whole article here.



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