Who Said Teachers Don’t Have a Sense of Humor?

For every teacher who is busy correcting a lot papers and tests (like me), this will make you smile throughout your work. The rest of the world will laugh too.

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Instead of cartoons this month, I am posting a series of photos about teacher humor. Of the 30-plus photos that I saw, these are the ones that made me laugh. Enjoy!

All of the photos come from .imgur.com / Via reddit.com    If you want to see full array of the photos, see here.

This physics teacher knows what the kids are into:


This teacher knows how to deter students from forgetting to bring a pen:


This teacher gives the best weekend homework:


This teacher values his office hours:


This teacher keeps her students focused during exams:


This teacher should transfer to the economics department:


This teacher will never see this spelling mistake from this student ever again:


This physics teacher knows how to throw a curveball on a test:


This history teacher knows there’s always time for a lesson:



This teacher just shut down texters everywhere:



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