Good read: Expert philosophers are just as irrational as the rest of us

The BPS Digest is one of the best blogs around, and this post is no exception, as studies show that expert philosophers are just as irrational as the rest of us.

These are the scenario’s that the researchers used to check if philosophers are just as susceptible to bad – or at least not entirely rational – thinking as the rest of us?

Abstract of the study:

We examined the effects of framing and order of presentation on professional philosophers’ judgments about a moral puzzle case (the “trolley problem”) and a version of the Tversky & Kahneman “Asian disease” scenario. Professional philosophers exhibited substantial framing effects and order effects, and were no less subject to such effects than was a comparison group of non-philosopher academic participants. Framing and order effects were not reduced by a forced delay during which participants were encouraged to consider “different variants of the scenario or different ways of describing the case”. Nor were framing and order effects lower among participants reporting familiarity with the trolley problem or with loss-aversion framing effects, nor among those reporting having had a stable opinion on the issues before participating the experiment, nor among those reporting expertise on the very issues in question. Thus, for these scenario types, neither framing effects nor order effects appear to be reduced even by high levels of academic expertise.

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