Lost in the Information Jungle

I’m sharing this not only because one of my posts is mentioned…

3-Star learning experiences

Paul A. Kirschner & Mirjam Neelen

Unfortunately, there are many myths in the teaching and learning space that are as ill-founded as they are stubborn. In the context of the so-called iPad schools, one of these myths is that learners can identify their own learning needs and regulate their own learning processes. This “meta-myth” myth consists of several sub myths.

The first sub myth is: Because all information is available on the internet, there is no need to teach it. This is what Sugata Mitra[1] states in his TED talks and what the Dutch social geographer and opinion pollster turned ‘crime fighter’ and self-styled ‘educational expert / innovator and school reformer’ whose expertise seems to be based on seeing his 3-year old daughter playing with an iPad Maurice de Hond would argue when explaining why his iPad schools are the answer to the just as mythical undocumented problem in…

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