Nonsense 101 – or – How to Build a House on Quicksand

Think before you blog or else… Good points raised by Paul.

3-Star learning experiences

Paul A. Kirschner

As both educated and learned person (at least in the eyes of some others) I must say that this piece by McGowan is one of the most nonsensical – in the literal sense of the word – pieces of twaddle that I have read in a long time.

To begin at the beginning[1], both literally and figuratively, the first sentence sets the tone. The author begins, “[T]he notion of education implies that there’s a path towards a definitive, finished state wherein an individual has become “educated”. Implies? To whom? Why? Education can be achieved in formal or non-formal learning situations; it is nothing more than a situation where the learning experience is externally organised and where instruction for the learner is provided. Education can take place in a school, an arts-and-crafts club, etcetera (Van Merriënboer, Kirschner, Paas, Sloep, & Caniëls, 2009). As professional who has…

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