Nonsense 101 – or – How to Build a House on Quicksand

Think before you blog or else… Good points raised by Paul.

Paul A. Kirschner

As both educated and learned person (at least in the eyes of some others) I must say that this piece by McGowan is one of the most nonsensical – in the literal sense of the word – pieces of twaddle that I have read in a long time.

To begin at the beginning[1], both literally and figuratively, the first sentence sets the tone. The author begins, “[T]he notion of education implies that there’s a path towards a definitive, finished state wherein an individual has become “educated”. Implies? To whom? Why? Education can be achieved in formal or non-formal learning situations; it is nothing more than a situation where the learning experience is externally organised and where instruction for the learner is provided. Education can take place in a school, an arts-and-crafts club, etcetera (Van Merriënboer, Kirschner, Paas, Sloep, & Caniëls, 2009). As professional who has…

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