Tired of myths in education or HR? Wait, try sports…

I’ve been discussing myths in education for ages. Sometimes I have the feeling that HR is even more hurt by wrong ideas than education. But lately I noticed that there is another field were (psychology) myths are gaining popularity: sports. I’ve seen versions of MBTI or similar developed for sportsmen, I’ve seen adaptations of learning styles, etc. But I just discovered the one myth to beat them all:

People reacted on this tweet that it’s perhaps a parody, but it’s not, it’s real. Maybe it’s true and will genetics replace neurology as selling miracle.

What have education, HR and sports in common? People can become desperate and are looking for easy solutions and so willing to pay for it. The difference between education on the one side and HR and sports on the other side: the latter have big budgets. And with big budgets come even more people trying to get a bit of the cash.

2 thoughts on “Tired of myths in education or HR? Wait, try sports…

  1. Ha! I looked at the tweeted video and also thought it was some sort of joke. But then I went to the website and saw it was for real. When there is the opportunity to make money, anything is possible…instead of neurobollocks we have now have genetic bollocks.

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