2017 Gartners’ hype cycle for technology in education

Yesterday I posted this on my Dutch blog and Sara Hjelm asked me to share it also here. At the same time I received also some criticism for sharing something ‘as unscientific’ as the hype cycle by Gartner. It is true, the yearly overviews by this company have received quite some critiques and the way they are conceived is very much lacking transparency. I do share this  years cycle for education as it remains influential and as I did yesterday I do add my personal notes who are intended to be a bit tongue in cheeck:

  • On the Rise
    • Li-Fi
    • Blockchain in Education
    • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Applications in Education
    • Artificial Intelligence Education Applications (the biggest surprise in the list… not)
    • Tin Can API (I added a link to an explanation because I didn’t know this myself)
  • At the Peak
  • Sliding Into the Trough
    • Competency-Based Education Platforms (oops, going down, those competences…)
    • Bluetooth Beacons (we hardly knew you)
    • Citizen Developers
    • Institutional Analytics
    • Open Microcredentials (Strange, I was still waiting for them to begin)
    • Cloud Office (has anybody told Microsoft already?)
    • Big Data in Education (Strange when learning analytics are at the peak?!?)
    • Alumni CRM
    • Master Data Management
    • Adaptive Learning Platforms
    • Adaptive E-Textbooks (oh oh)
    • IDaaS
    • Student Retention CRM
  • Climbing the Slope
    • Gamification
    • Integration Brokerage

Maybe the most interesting part is what is missing from the list: bye bye tablets? Where are the MOOC’s? Oh, also strange:Learning analytics are at the peak for two years in a row.

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