Why I’m Worried About Jack Ma’s Educational ‘Manifesto’.

A good reaction on this widespread speech! Although I do agree on the importance Mr. Ma put on the arts, but again also for arts knowledge is needed to e.g. enjoy and have a deeper understanding.

The Learning Project


This is Jack Ma.  If you don’t know who he is, then dig a little into China’s recent booming economy and you’ll dig him up sooner or later.  He is the founder of Alibaba Group, which runs sites like TaoBao, an online and hugely lucrative shopping empire that pretty much keeps China’s city population in all manner of things purchased online.  In China, where money is king, he has achieved almost divine status.

I’m no economist, nor am I a successful business anything.  He’s massively successful and he’s certainly hugely welathy.  I’m sure he shares this wealth in morally and ethically sensible ways and I have nothing against him at all.  He is a remarkably persistant individual (he was rejected by Harvard ten times), he has worked in low-pay jobs once earning $12 a day teaching English so he knows a few things about what it is to ‘make it’. …

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