Suddenly I realized: I’m going on a world tour with my new book! #IngredientsforGreatTeaching

As a teenager I only had one dream: becoming a rock star. Ok, I admit I’m still having that dream. Remember that bath tub scene in The Commitments, yes, that was me. This morning when I was updating my event-page at Amazon, I suddenly realized that I fulfilled a part of this dream. The next coming months I’ll be going on a World Tour to talk about my new book The Ingredients for Great Teaching.

And the great thing is… there are still talks for more venues in more countries. If you want me to come over to your country – and if I’m not teaching – contact Walter, Desmond & co here.

Date City, State Venue Event
Mar 10, 2018
9:30 AM
Haninge, Sweden Fredrika Bremergymnasiet Leads Network Day/ResearchED Haninge 
Apr 14, 2018
9:30 AM
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Mississauga Secondary School ResearchED Ontario
Apr 20, 2018
9:00 AM
Barcelona, Spain TBA The EGIN annual conference 2018 
Jun 22, 2018
9:00 AM
Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK Wellington College Festival of Education 
Jul 22-26, 2018
9:00 AM
Potomac, MD, US St. Andrews Episcopal School CTTL’s The Science Of Teaching & School Leadership Academy 
Sep 15, 2018
9:30 AM
Pretoria, South-Africa TBA ResearchED South-Africa

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