Best Evidence in Brief: Reviewing the research on school climate and social-emotional learning

There is a new Best Evidence in Brief (they have a blog now too) and I think this will interest a lot of teachers:

A new research brief, School Climate and Social and Emotional Learning: The Integration of Two Approaches, by David Osher and Juliette Berg at AIR, reviews research on how positive school climates support social-emotional learning (SEL) and how improved SEL contributes to improved school climate in elementary and secondary schools.
The authors present research from various journal articles, research briefs, policy guides, and other sources. Key findings were as follows:
  • Supportive relationships, engagement, safety, cultural competence and responsiveness, and academic challenge and high expectations create positive school climates that can help build social and emotional competence.
  • The relationship between positive school climate and SEL is interactive and co-influential, occurs in all settings and student-teacher-staff interactions, and influences students and teachers directly and indirectly.
  • Rigorous evaluations of school climate and SEL approaches have provided some direct evidence that one can improve the other.
The authors say that the research and practice communities could benefit from greater clarity and alignment in definitions, goals, messaging, and measurement of SEL and school climate, and understanding of how each one can complement the other.

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