Help wanted: looking for research on the effectiveness of co-teaching

First of all: this request has nothing to do with the new myth-book we’re writing, but I’m asking this because it’s one of the most often asked question I receive myself lately. A few years back I already did a big search and the title of the 2001 meta-analysis on the subject was quite telling: where are the data?

The past few days I’ve been searching again and I did find a lot of case studies, studies on how to make co teaching more effective, etc, but besides a couple of master theses, I’m still stuck. Also the research I found is often related to inclusive education, but nowadays co-teaching is implemented more widely.

I’m not asking this because I’m against co-teaching, but as it can be a rather expensive approach, I do think it’s worth knowing how effective it is. I can think of reasons for it to be both effective (e.g. it’s a kind of teacher professional development, you work on collective teacher efficacy,…)  or ineffective, but can somebody help me to answer where are the data of large scale experiments?

Much obliged!

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