What often makes discussions about education so difficult, is what we all have in common

There are always fierce discussions about education on Twitter, but this happens also outside the social media bubble. Some of those discussions can end op in real life cold wars. On a conference a few years back I experienced this strange situation: I’m talking with person A and a person B joins us. The three of us are all new to each other. Person B introduces himself to us and names the institute he is working for. Person A immediately states that he doesn’t want to talk to person B because their view on education. I was left feeling flabbergasted.

The strange thing is that most people discussing education have often more in common than they themselves might think.

  • we are all progressive, as in: we all want our children to progress,
  • we all hate the idea that social background determines your future,
  • we all want to best for children with disabilities.

Where it often goes wrong is when we start discussing how those common goals should be achieved with both or more sides stating that the other side(s) do(es)n’t want the best for our children, which again infuriate(s) the other side(s), fueling further debate that will often than miss the point. Oh, and if you try to be neutral, nuanced or critical towards everything, it becomes walking a very thin line.

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