Shut Off Those Laptops When You Don’t Need Them!

3-Star learning experiences

Paul A. Kirschner & Mirjam Neelen

 Elleke van den Burg Poortvliet interviewed Paul for a magazine called ‘Beter Begeleiden’ [Better Guidance]van de Landelijke Beroepsgroep voor Begeleiders in het Onderwijs. The topic was (in Elleke’s words): ‘Screens in the classroom’. This blog is based on the interview. The headings are the interview questions that Elleke asked him.

The question whether screens in the classroom are good or bad is definitely good for lots of emotion and contradictory opinions. Paul’s answer to the question isn’t an opinion, but is rather a rational one based on scientific research, so keep reading!

As most of us might know by now, Paul isn’t scared to make bold statements. He writes multiple blogs (our collaborative blog is one of them) and columns. He never shies away from expressing that he finds the various nonsensical ideas in education that are alive and kicking today horrendous…

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