Mindsets vs Metacognition. Two EEF reports and a clear conclusion.


At ResearchEd in Cape Town I presented a workshop exploring two relatively recent reports from the Education Endowment Foundation – the 2018 guidance report  Metacognition and Self-regulated Learning, and the 2019 report Changing Mindsets: Effectiveness Trial.

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 22.35.43

Essentially, my argument is that these papers support the view – one that makes sense to me – that schools are better off investing time and energy in adopting strategies that develop metacognition than those focused on growth mindset interventions.  I’ve made this case via different posts including the following:

School walls are oozing with unhelpful growth mindset cheese…. – where I suggest that the generic messaging that is all too common, isn’t helpful.  Telling students not to worry or give up or that you can’t add fractions yet! – doesn’t do enough to help them add those fractions.

Engineering Success. A positive alternative to generic mindset messaging  – where…

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