Schooling around the World (Part 4)

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

This post looks at how the Russian Federation organizes its schools and what Russian classrooms look like.

Like France with its Ministry of Education and a national system of schooling, Russia also has a highly centralized form of schooling. The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Education funds, staffs, and governs 85 regions throughout the country. This system of age-graded schooling is as follows:

Structure of the education system in Russia (Zawacki-Richter & Kourotchkina, 2012)

For a description of the funding and operation of the nation’s schools including comparisons with European countries’ systems, see Wikipedia entry.

Going from the general to the specific, what do primary, elementary, and secondary classrooms look like? A sampling of photos offer clues of how Russian teachers organize their classrooms and teach lessons.

What similarities and differences appear between American, French, German, and Russian classrooms?

Children attend a lesson in a school in Moscow, Russia, Monday, Sept…

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