Coming soon: The Psychology of Great Teaching (a bit more info)

We checked our final proofs, the book is almost ready to go to print, and the Dutch version has already sold thousands of copies. By the end of July you can read the book too in English! (check a.o. here, here, or even better: your local book store!)

This is your essential teaching companion that offers a broad understanding of modern psychology and how concepts from psychological theory and research can be relevant to any classroom.

Explore robust, current ideas and contemporary findings from different psychological disciplines, such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, personality theory and systems theory, and learn new insights to enhance your teaching.

Deepen your knowledge of how students and young people develop as individuals and how a greater understanding of human behaviour can make you a more effective teacher. Each chapter includes ‘teacher takeaways’ offering practical advice on how to translate up-to-date psychological ideas into effective teaching techniques.

The perfect read for teachers and those training to teach school students of any age.


Pedro De Bruyckere is an educational scientist atthe Artevelde University College of Applied Sciences and Leiden University.

Casper Hulshof is a psychologist who teaches Educational Science at Utrecht University.

Liese Missinne is an educational scientist and teacher trainer at the Artevelde University College of Applied Sciences.

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