Kids these days aren’t that different: Stability Is a Goal for Millennials

We often think kids today are different, with their smartphones, but we overlook the fact that we are using those phones too and that a lot of things remain the same. A new piece released from the “MTV Knowing Youth: 2020 Vision”-study focuses on something that remains the same: the need for stability.  This report was based on an online survey of over 6,800 people ages 15 to 24 across 32 countries, as well as qualitative work in 17 markets.

Taken from that project, here are some insights on Millennials’ feelings about stability in their future lives:

Though many don’t have concrete plans, they do hope for stability. Fixed goals are somewhat rare because Millennials realize that their career trajectories will involve lots of twists and turns. But while their dreams include following multiple career paths, seeing the world, and connecting with many different people, they also look forward to achieving a secure way of life.

The elements of stability include a good education, a reliable income, marriage, and kids. While some of Millennials’ goals may seem unconventional, many of their aspirations are quite traditional. They want to be well-educated so they can land a good job. A stable income could relieve their worries about money. And the prospect of marrying and having families is appealing.

Their aspirations prove that they’re similar in nature, if not behavior, to other generations. Millennials believe that they’ll be happy if they are well-educated, find work they enjoy, and have happy families. Their approach to life may differ from generations past — but in the end, they want the same things.


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