Interesting read: 10 of The Most Counter-intuitive Psychology Findings Ever Published

The BPS Digest blog compiled a top 10 of the most counter-intuitive psychology findings ever published. One of them – number 2 – is not new to readers of this blog. Read the post for the explanations and the relevant research.

The top 10 is:

  1. Self-help Mantras Can Do More Harm Than Good
  2. People Do Not Learn Better When Taught Via Their Preferred “Learning Style”
  3. Criminals Show Cooperation and Prosocial Behaviour in Economic Games
  4. Bottling Up Your Anger May Actually Be Good For You
  5. We Make Many Decisions Mindlessly
  6. Opposites Don’t Attract
  7. Wine Experts Don’t Know if They’re Smelling Red or White Wine
  8. It Helps to Have Narcissists on Your Team
  9. Placebo Treatments Can Work Even When People Are Told It’s A Placebo
  10. Sometimes a Pregnant Woman’s Depression is Advantageous For Her Baby

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