Teens aren’t shallow part 2: Teens create automated aeroponics garden kit with NASA tech

It’s not my plan to make a series about it, but this post does feel as a second part to this post on kids and Rembrandts’ famous ‘Nachtwacht’ painting.

Check this video (HT @baekdal):

The explanation:

5-year-old Erik Meike and Briana Das, along with their 12-year-old sisters Elise and Leona, wanted to create a “No-Touch Garden”. Calling themselves “Tribe Awesome” they started tinkering with hydroponics systems. Then they discovered aeroponics, garden tech tested by NASA on the space shuttle, and after “hours and hours” of research they created an aeroponics-in-a-bucket kit that any teen could learn to make.

Aeroponics, like hydroponics, doesn’t uses soil, but unlike hydroponics which floods the system with water every few minutes, aeroponics uses a fogger to mist the roots. The Tribe Awesome teens use an ultrasonic fogger (purchased for about $25 online) to deliver what they consider the exact micron-sized droplets for their plants’ roots. Combine the fogger with a $5 bucket, a bit of foam, water and some seedlings and Tribe Awesome has what they consider future garden tech.

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