What’s hot or not in technology in education: the 2015 Gartner Hype Cycle for education

As past year I don’t have the actual slide yet, but this list makes already a lot clear (bearing the hype cycle in mind):

(My comments are below the list)

  • On the Rise
    • Tin Can API
    • Cognitive Computing Education Applications
    • Personal Analytics
    • Digital Workplace Graph
    • Digital Assessment
    • Quantum Computing
    • Exostructure Strategy
    • MOOC-Enabling Technologies
    • Classroom 3D Printing
    • SaaS SIS
    • Affective Computing
    • Competency-Based Education Platforms
  • At the Peak
    • Alumni CRM
    • Learning Analytics
    • SIS International Data Interoperability Standards
    • BPO
    • Education Tablet
    • DevOps
    • Open Microcredentials
    • Cloud Office
    • Citizen Developers
    • Adaptive E-Textbooks
  • Sliding Into the Trough
    • COBIT
    • Student Retention CRM
    • Enterprise Mobile App Stores
    • Big Data
    • Open-Source SIS
    • Adaptive Learning
    • Learning Stack
    • Master Data Management
    • Wireless as a Service
    • EA Frameworks
    • Gamification
    • ITIL
    • Digital Preservation of Research Data
    • Higher Education Open-Source Financials
  • Climbing the Slope
    • Mobile Learning Smartphones
    • Hosted Virtual Desktops
    • Cloud HPC/CaaS
    • 802.11ac Wave 1
    • SaaS Administration Applications
    • BYOD Strategy
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • E-Textbook
    • IT Infrastructure Utility
    • Virtual Environments/Virtual Worlds
    • Social Learning Platform for Education
    • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Entering the Plateau
    • Lecture Capture and Retrieval Tools
    • Open-Source Enterprise Service Bus

True to last years hype cycle there should be a clear absent: MOOC’s, although MOOC-enabling technologies are now on the rise. Is this just a case of semantics, or is there more to it? Probably it means that MOOC’s an sich are gone from the list, but the technology behind the MOOC’s are gaining popularity in broader education.

Also interesting to notice: Gamification entering the slope, just like Big Data, while learning analytics are at a peak (bizar, no?), idem for adaptive learning and learning analytics. The education tablets are now at a peak (last year on the rise), while I would put them more entering the slope myself or even entering the plateau just like to smartphones and BYOD.

Again, there is much to say about the reliability and maybe even the selffulfilling-prophecy-aspect of this yearly hype cycle, still I think it’s quite interesting.

3 thoughts on “What’s hot or not in technology in education: the 2015 Gartner Hype Cycle for education

  1. Reblogged this on X, Y of Einstein? and commented:

    Hij is er terug, de jaarlijkse Hype Cycle voor onderwijs van Gartner. Voorlopig enkel de lijst (zonder de exacte positie van elke technologie). Onderaan mijn Engelstalige post vind je enkele bedenkingen.

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