3 free chapters from John Hattie: Know Thy Impact

Know Thy Impact has become the motto of John Hattie, well known from his Visible Learning books. There is now a free report with this motto as title which consists of 3 free chapters from his different books and 1 case study:


Pulled from the Preface of John Hattie’s classic book Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement (2008), this short chapter puts the ideas behind Visible Learning into context and identifies some of the key messages in this particular book.


This chapter, taken from Hattie’s bestselling second book Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning (2011), summarizes the impact and lessons learned in the original book Visible Learning and goes further to show how these ideas can be applied specifically to teachers. Furthermore, this chapter introduces the key idea of “Know Thy Impact”, explaining that in order to achieve “Visible Learning” teachers must understand and evaluate the effect they have on their students and act on this impact accordingly. This chapter also lays out the “six signposts” for excellence in education and the seven key characteristics of powerful, passionate teachers.


In this final chapter from the original Visible Learning book, John Hattie delves deeper into the conclusions drawn from his research and considers the implications for policy and practice.


Pulled from the newest Visible Learning book, this chapter examines how one school – the Keilor Views Primary School in Australia – has put the concept and ideas of Visible Learning into action.

You can download the report here (HT Paul Kirschner).

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