How to scale up effective programs?

There is a new Best Evidence in Brief and via this great newsletter I discovered  a new research brief by Child Trends that focuses on maybe the most important question policy makers face:  how can you scale up effective programs serving children, youth, and families, and presents those practices that have shown evidence of impact.

To complete their review, the authors gathered data from across the research literature and from the experiences of organizations operating evidence-based programs, which included conducting interviews with key staff members from the programs.

Key findings were as follows:

  • Effective replication and scale-up of an evidence-based program is a process that requires time, planning, and the mobilization of effort and resources from communities, program developers, and implementing organizations.
  • Program developers and implementing organizations take many approaches to scale up, with some providing the infrastructure to support high-quality implementation through a central organization (e.g., a program purveyor) and others making program materials and training available for purchase for any interested implementer.
  • To ensure that scale-up efforts result in high-quality implementation, program developers, implementing organizations, and funders should consider a number of factors, including identification of core components, selection of the appropriate program for the local context, organizational capacity for scale up, staff and leadership buy-in, monitoring of fidelity and outcomes, provision of ongoing training and technical assistance, and identification of sustainable funding.

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