New article by Maarten Simons & me: “Scarcity at school”

I most of the time post research by others or debunks of educational myths. But I still try to write scholarly work too. Today a new article has been published ahead of publication in the European Educational Research Journal. It’s written by Maarten Simons & me and we examine the theoretical consequences from the insights and results of the work by Mullanaithan and Shafir.

Abstract of the paper:

In this review essay we examine the consequences for education of the insights shared in the book Scarcity by Mullainathan and Shafir (2013). After a brief summary of the book, we describe three possible links between scarcity and 1) the creation of slack at school, 2) the student’s personal environment and 3) and the turning of learning into a production process. Based on these three possible consequences further avenues for research are presented.

Do contact me for more info if needed.

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