Bill Gates has a new idea for education…

I didn’t know what to write after education. First I wanted to write “Help”, or “Help us all”, or… Because as Bill Gates has admitted before: his track record on educational influence hasn’t been that great. And yes, that is called an euphemism.

But now he shared a new great idea that should be the future of education: personalized education. To be fair: he isn’t the first to think this is an important trend and he also admitted that while there is a study (from a think tank) there isn’t clear evidence that it works if the whole educational system is personalized.

But in the mean time: let’s do this.

But wait a minute…

  • There is evidence that sometimes personalized learning can have a positive effect but the RAND study is not a great source.
  • And nobody asked if education should be about a highly personalized world or being put worse: individualism. Education is about bot learning to live together, personal development and qualification (yep, that’s Biesta you can recognize here) how does that relate to this personalization idea?
  • And again and again: one size fits all doesn’t exist in education, that ‘s why solutionism is often a big issue.

I would have thought Bill Gates should have known this. Maybe I was naive.

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