TED-talk (yes) by Tim Leunig debunking Ken Robinson: Why real creativity is based on knowledge

This is a great video, but with far less views than sir Ken. (btw check my own take on this)

Educationalist and historian Tim Leunig takes on Sir Ken Robinson, with a witty and erudite riposte to the famous claim that schools are killing creativity. He argues that world-changing ideas, from the Industrial Revolution to the present, are based on knowledge. This in turn is enabled by literacy, a skill passed on by parents and teachers all over the world.

Tim Leunig is a civil servant and academic. He is chief analyst and chief scientific adviser at the [UK] Department for Education, and economic adviser on housing supply at the Department for Communities and Local Government. He is also Associate Professor of Economic History at the LSE, a fellow of the Royal Historical Society, the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Statistical Society. He is a governor of NIESR and a trustee of EPI. Tim holds a PhD in Economics

2 thoughts on “TED-talk (yes) by Tim Leunig debunking Ken Robinson: Why real creativity is based on knowledge

  1. If we look at the ‘product’ of British education, something has gone wrong somewhere. I’m not sure Ken Robinson has the answer, but Brexit is a sadly simplistic choice for ‘educated’ people, who are apparently easily exploitable by the purveyors of simple answers. Where were their critical thinking skills? Was that about insufficient ‘knowledge’? Or lost ‘creativity’? To me it looks like lack of knowledge — and lack of creativity. Certainly nothing there likely to save the world!

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