Really interesting: meta-meta-analysis on variables related to academic achievement in higher education

I found this new study soon to be published via this tweet and it is more than interesting:

So Michael Schneider & Franzis Preckel did a great job analyzing 91 meta-analyses and I think their conclusion is a very clear summary:

This study is the first systematic and comprehensive review of the meta-analyses on the variables associated with achievement in higher education published in the international research literature. The results are generally compatible with those of similar reviews for school learning or for learning in general. They offer evidence-based arguments for current debates in higher education. Instructional methods and the way they are implemented on the micro-level are substantially associated with achievement in higher education. This emphasizes the importance of teacher training in higher education. Among the different approaches to teaching, social interaction had the highest frequency of high positive effect sizes. Lectures, small-group learning, and project-based learning all have positive associations with achievement provided they balance teacher-centered with student-centered instructional elements. As yet, instruction and communication technology have comparably weak effect sizes, which did not increase over the past decades. High-achieving students in higher education are characterized by qualities that, in part, are affected by prior school education, for example, prior achievement, self-efficacy, intelligence, and the goal-directed use of learning strategies. Thus, universities indirectly benefit from a high instructional quality in K– 12 schools. The application of our findings into practice is a complex process that requires the collaboration of practitioners, educational researchers, and policy-makers. The effect sizes of the meta-analyses included in this systematic review indicate that such an evidence-based approach has great potential for increasing achievement in higher education.

3 thoughts on “Really interesting: meta-meta-analysis on variables related to academic achievement in higher education

  1. Interesting, thanks. I think the student needs to be ready for the teacher and that requires a situation or context sensitive to the learning subject, making the learning meaningful, practical, relevant to the learner. I also think that even online learning can be effective as it satisfies just-in-time knowledge. The transfer of the knowledge into practice (work, everyday life) can even happen with other sparring partners than the teacher himself. Maybe the problem is that learning technical skills not relevant for human life is in any case difficult to present meaningful, why a superficial project and instruction environment indeed needs to be created to make the learning meaningful. Looking forward to further posts, although I will not always respond with that lengthy comments;-). Cheers

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