You can now download the preprint of the failed replication (x 3) of mindset research

It has been one of the most often read posts on this blog for the past few weeks: A Mindset “Revolution” Sweeping Britain’s Classrooms May Be Based On Shaky Science

Now you can download the full preprint of the research by Li and Bates (HT Timothy Bates):

Mindset theory asserts that children’s cognitive ability and school grades depend heavily on whether they believe basic ability is malleable. The theory also predicts that praise for intelligence dramatically lowers cognitive performance. Here we test predictions in 3 studies totalling 624 individually-tested 10-12-year-olds. Praise for intelligence failed to harm post- challenge cognitive performance. Children’s mindsets had no relationship to their IQ or to their school grades. Finally believing ability to be malleable had not association with improvement of grades across the year. We conclude that the belief that basic ability is fixed is harmless, and that implicit theories of intelligence play no significant role in development of cognitive ability, response to challenge, or educational attainment.

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