Why I shouted ‘no’ to my computer yesterday… Collective Student Efficacy

For the past few years, I was heavily interested scientifically in Collective Teacher Efficacy but was surprised nobody talked about Collective Student Efficacy. So, I started working on a paper on this topic. Trying to find arguments in research why we should pay attention to this or not and so on.

I mentioned briefly the concept in a book that I published in Dutch ‘Met de kinderen alles goed‘ in a chapter about the importance of the collective in schools, something that we often overlook in times where differentiation and personalization are amongst the most popular buzzwords. The support of the team, class group,… can e.g. help to make a child more resilient. I also finished a chapter for a forthcoming scientific book also in Dutch with all my insights in one overview. This book was planned to be published in Spring but was delayed to Autumn. At the same time, I was working on a lot of things, but also that paper in English on Collective Student Efficacy.

And this morning I discovered this:

And that’s why I shouted at my computer :).

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