Good read: ‘Brain Drinks’ Might Make You Less Smart

I never had heard about the drinks before, but it seems there a now also “Neuro-drinks”:

You can find the drinks here: The site has a tab Science but that doesn’t tell you much about the evidence that this should benefit your brain.

Luckily we have ‘Brain Watch’ on Wired and Christian Jarrett to check the facts, and you’ll already guessed it:

NeuroSonic’s “proprietary blend” includes caffeine and l-theanine (an amino acid found in green tea). The good news, for NeuroSonic drinkers at least, is that several studies suggest that a combination of caffeine and l-theanine can have beneficial mental effects, such as improving the ability to switch between tasks, speeding upanticipatory shifts of attention, and increasing feelings of alertness.

However, these studies are of variable quality (for example, not all of them feature a placebo control condition), and perhaps most importantly, they don’t tell us about the effects of NeuroSonic’s specific mix and quantities of ingredients.

Do read the whole piece about the possible or absent evidence and find out that there are even two important possible benefits of the drinks you didn’t expect but that won’t make you smarter.

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