Barack Obama explains why #solutionism doesn’t work

I shared this already on Twitter, but I think this short text by president Barack Obama is so important that it would be a mistake not to share it here.

Read this and than think about Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, and many others.

3 thoughts on “Barack Obama explains why #solutionism doesn’t work

  1. Anti-solutionism may be applicable to many aspects of public policy and planning, and also to the selection of *what* we teach. But it is not generally applicable to *how* we teach, or in other words to pedagogy. There is no reasons why educational objectives should not be clearly defined in ways that are verifiable and which do not involve unintended, undesirable consequences. For the most part, the business of teaching can be pursued in technical terms and the fact that we don’t has more to do with the poor organisation of our education systems, than with the intrinsic nature of the task.

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