Growth Mindset and #PISA2018, a concept with some recent issues (an overview)

While the main focus of the media coverage on PISA 2018 will be on the rankings, two other volumes are also released today with a special spotlight on… the growth mindset by Carol Dweck.

But while 15-year olds around the globe were filling in the OECD-questionnaires, 2018 turned out to be not such a great year for growth mindset, or more specific: working on a growth mindset.

An overview:

And in 2019 the hits kept coming with a large EEF trial that resulted in this conclusion:

The EEF commentary advises that teachers should be cautious about using the approach as a standalone method of improving pupil achievement.

In our new myths book we don’t call growth mindset a myth, as it can have a significant but small effect on students from a poor background, but do warn that some studies have even shown a possible negative effect (e.g. for adults). But I can imagine that the good people at the OECD didn’t like what has been happening while their train was already rolling.

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