Great new handy tool for students and researchers: connected papers

Yesterday I discovered this great new tool that I’m sure I will be using a lot myself and will advise my students to try when working on their papers: connected papers. An important element of scientific work is to build upon earlier insights or to nuance or contradict earlier findings in science. That’s why scientific papers are all connected with each other through references and quotations. Connected Papers tries to visualize those connections and this delivers a very handy tool.

This is what a visualization looks like:

Besides making those connections visible there are two extra buttons worth your interest.

The button ‘Prior works’ shows you the papers that were most commonly cited by the papers in the graph, so you’d better check them as they are probably important seminal works in your field.

But there are also the ‘Derivative works’, the papers that cite many of the papers in the graph, the more recent relevant works in your field:

3 thoughts on “Great new handy tool for students and researchers: connected papers

  1. I agree - I like the site. But it relies on Semantic Scholar for their paper data, and that site is pretty shoddy in terms of accurate paper information. I publish academic papers and I’ve found two so far where the titles were misspelled and one date was 10 years off. I’d encourage the Connected Papers group to push Semantic Scholar to do a better job editing their product.

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