The 2014 Gartner Hype Cycle for educational technology

No, I don’t have the actual drawing (yet), but I did find where the different technologies are placed on the hype cycle in 2014. Also missing is the time frame.

UPDATE: I found this interactive tool, but it seems the data is based on the 2013 hype cycle.

UPDATE 2: Now I did find the actual hype cycles:

Hype Cycle 2014

One thing is very noticeable: the bad scores for many things digitalization in education.

Secondly: MOOC’s become obsolete?

Hype cycle major trends 2014

Some of the technologies in the list will sound unfamiliar to many of you (they did for me once), but the full 2013 report can help you out.

  • On the Rise
    • Exostructure Strategy
    • Mashware
    • Quantum Computing
    • SaaS SIS
    • Alumni CRM
    • Education Tablet
    • Affective Computing
    • SIS International Data Interoperability Standards
    • BPO
  • At the Peak
    • Citizen Developers
    • Open Microcredentials
    • Open-Source SIS
    • Student Retention CRM
    • Adaptive E-Textbooks
    • Big Data
  • Sliding Into the Trough
    • COBIT
    • Enterprise Mobile App Stores
    • Learning Stack
    • Wireless as a Service
    • 802.11ac Wave 1
    • Adaptive Learning
    • MOOC
    • Gamification
    • Digital Preservation of Research Data
    • EA Frameworks
    • Cloud Office Systems
    • ITIL
    • BYOD Strategy
    • Open-Source Middleware Suites
    • Cloud HPC/CaaS
    • Open-Source Financials
    • Mobile Learning Smartphones
    • Social Learning Platform for Education
  • Climbing the Slope
    • Emergency/Mass Notification Services
    • Hosted Virtual Desktops
    • Virtual Environments/Virtual Worlds
    • E-Textbook
    • Mobile-Learning Low-Range/Midrange Handsets
    • SaaS Administration Applications
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • IT Infrastructure Utility
    • Intellectual Property Rights and Royalties Management Software
    • Cloud Email for Staff and Faculty
    • Open-Source Learning Repositories
    • Unified Communications and Collaboration
    • Lecture Capture and Retrieval Tools
  • Entering the Plateau
    • 802.11n
    • Game Consoles as Media Hubs

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