Kids not having enough exercise? Don’t blame technology, but blame our fear?

In her recent book, danah boyd describes how social media can be a last place for kids to meet each other unsupervised. Using technology, i.c. social media, isn’t a problem in itself, but rather a symptom. You might think kids are not playing outdoors anymore because they rather play on their computers, but again the causal relation could be very different.

A new poll of nearly 3,000 parents and children by Eureka Children’s Museum in West Yorkshire in the UK found 81% of children prefer playing outside to watching TV. Yep, they prefer play over technology, and 95% of the parents do think kids should take risks, still … half of the parents surveyed said they don’t let their child leave their home or garden. 37% stated they let their youngster to go to the end of the street.

In total, 2,823 parents and children, aged 5-11, took part in the poll, with an approximate split of 52% children (1,456 respondents) and 48% parents (1,367 respondents).

Read more on the poll on the BBC-website.

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