Why educational research often doesn’t find it’s way into the classroom

Yesterday Carl Hendrick shared this image, taken from this article by Michelle Chi:


I would add one more to this list:

  • Researchers often think or seem to think that teachers don’t know what they’re doing. A mistake one can make when introducing e.g. spaced repetition. A lot of teachers know this from experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know the name of the concept or the rationale behind it. Still, they are often doing a good job.

Also, maybe it’s a good idea to have a science of teaching rather than learning as David Daniel and I describe in this article?

3 thoughts on “Why educational research often doesn’t find it’s way into the classroom

    1. Every year thousand of researches published and there is a tussle between the classroom and the research.Classroom needs a practicum advice while research needs classroom as a laboratory and both fail to gain what they are searching for.

  1. So this is exactly what we are hoping to do at Socrates – Head of School. We’ve noticed this gap as well and are distilling the best books on leading and learning and are offering them for free to the world.

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